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Education & Quality Assurance

Mr Joshua Cole, CMgr FCMI, MIoD, APCIP

Joshua Cole is currently Chief Executive and Head of Compliance of an Ofqual-Regulated National Awarding Organisation, Focus Awards. The role encompasses the management, control, risk assessment, analysis and enforcement of all compliance issues related to the delivery and assessment of nationally recognised qualifications and appropriately endorsed bespoke training.A qualified Leading External Quality Assurer (LEQA) and Lead Internal Verifier (IV/IQA), Joshua also undertook the bold and previously unprecedented step (within awarding bodies) of both qualifying as a Paralegal and taking an advanced qualification in Investigative Practice in 2014.

This enhanced his professional knowledge and capability, and helped him become a more effective, eficient Compliance Lead.He passed the BTEC Level 7 Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice through the prestigious trainers, Bond Solon in London. He is a Tier 3 Paralegal on the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR), and a Member of the Institute of Paralegals (IOP).On a day-to-day basis Joshua leads and quality-assures the work of his own team of EQA’s and, through them, the IV’s and trainers operating within Focus Awards’ Centres across the UK. As the Awarding Body’s Responsible Officer, Joshua has exercised his regulatory and compliance ‘muscle’ throughout his involvement. When the company was acquired, it was subject to an Ofqual Undertaking, effectively preventing operation until strict regulatory and compliance conditions were satisfied.

Joshua was successful in having those lifted within a month of taking over; a significant achievement. He has subsequently negotiated the Regulator’s approval to award qualifications in 10 additional commercial sectors, and has steered Focus Awards through Ofqual’s quality audits.He also proactively manages the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the QA procedures and practices of the Centres, ensuring they fully comply with applicable legislation (such as Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and Data Protection), as well as the General Conditions of Recognition (GCOR) laid down by Ofqual, and Focus Awards’ own devolved authority.

Creative Pathways offers a range of services for both training providers and awarding organisations.

For training providers, Creative Pathways offers assessment and internal quality assurance services for qualifications in:

  • First Aid and Health and Safety
  • Teaching and Education
  • Health and Social Care
  • Business and Management
  • Child Wellbeing and Development
  • Law and Legal Services

Similarly, Creative Pathways can also offer external quality assurance services to awarding organisations in the above sectors.Creative Pathways also offers advice and support to awarding organisations in compliance issues, and assisting with issues of alleged malpractice and maladministration.

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