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Technology Solutions

Joshua Cole is a visionary Systems Analyst, Creator and Inventor with an absolute passion for systems innovation. He takes the view that any business or commercial process can be automated – at least in part – and that repetitive tasks should be undertaken by machines (computers) rather than people.

This philosophy and approach has led to all of his own business interests (and he has many, in multiple disciplines and diverse areas of operation) being less dependent on people (the most expensive and unpredictable resource) than many of his competitors and contemporaries. This gives him a commercial and intellectual ‘edge’. It allows him room to think and innovate further without being ‘bogged down’ by routine and tedium.

Joshua has designed a number of software systems that can be applied to different business environments to streamline processes and make administration “push-button simple”.

Examples include:

iLearnitEasy. An information management system designed primarily for education establishments (Schools, Colleges, Training Providers). The system enables every aspect student and course management to be delivered seamlessly through a server-side web-based interface accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Features include records management from a single central screen, course materials delivery, automated marking and tutor management, awarding body standardisation, staff management, project and task management, statistical analysis, financial control and more…

Enables regulated organisations to manage and control all aspects of their quality assurance and compliance issues, data management, direct real-time interaction with awarding bodies, collation of student portfolios, qualification delivery and certification, syllabus adjustments, and much more…

Reseller Management System (RMS). Initially created to manage all interaction between resellers (or affiliates) with principals or intellectual property owners. The system facilitates course materials delivery and tracking (for both physical and digital delivery), returns, refunds and invoice production, real-time interaction and correspondence. The system is ideal for a host of other applications where intellectual property being used by 3rd parties under licence or similar needs to be properly managed, monitored and controlled.

Case Safe. Designed with patient and client confidentiality in mind, this is a secure online repository for all patient notes and records, treatment data and commentary, database management and more. Case Safe is ideal for busy medical and healthcare professionals and pratitioners who frequently operate from 3rd party premises. The system is again web-based (with appropriate robust security and data safety protocols in place), enabling users to record notes and treatment regimes in real-time from a smart phone, tablet or laptop “on the go”.

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